Dziś koncert / Blastfest vol. I - Disharmonic Orchestra (at), Blood (de), Inhume (nl), Sick Sinus Syndrome (cz), Squash Bowels, Epitome, Łeb Prosiaka, HIV, Putrid Evil
Dziś koncert / Blastfest vol. I - Disharmonic Orchestra (at), Blood (de), Inhume (nl), Sick Sinus Syndrome (cz), Squash Bowels, Epitome, Łeb Prosiaka, HIV, Putrid Evil


  • Soul Less Divine - "Malevolent Withered Grind"

    1999 / 1demo
    In Poland we have a town called Venice, in the USA there are many Warsaws, and guys from SOUL LESS DIVINE are from London, which as everybody know is in Canadian district Ontario. No, they do not play like everybody in London does because, as they say, they belong to the new generation of grinders. And these, as one may guess, are quite far from nostalgic sounds presented by English doomsters.
    The band send their demo tape on a cassette which has one disadvantage - it was recorded at home of the drummer and not in even the cheapest studio. That's why I will not take the sound of it into considerataion and deal only with the content - 4 tracks which I should treat as a framework for future releases. No solos, the vocal is awful so either T.J. Giammarco should work on it harder or start doing something else in the band. I hope that the question of these two aspects will be thought over before entering the studio. As far as the basic structure of these tracks is concerned I have to admit that SOUL LESS DIVINE try to abandon the obliging schemes in grind music. Of course, we can find here typical ultra fast parts but these don't dominate to such extent as to make the listener tired of listening the material. Canadians are weaving parts of clean guitars into it and try to make it energetic through typical "core" tempos. The ideas are good but should be better explored and there must be more variation. I am sure that they will soon find their way in this, some say, exploited genre of music. From the technical side these tracks, though very interesting due to varied tempoes and good arrangements, are not breath-taking, but at the same time they do not contain 3-4 riffs per one track. There is some hope that after adding some solos, changing the vocal parts, recording it all in a pro-studio, maniacs of such playing may soon find something interesting for them.
    I have to do one more thing here - complain about the sound of this recording! It is awful, I know from my experience [Olo plays guitar in a death metal band - Editor] that even without any pro-equipment I can record a reh tape which will sound 10 times better than "Malevolent...". So you should at once enter a studio or I will get angry...

    Paul Idasz; 6 Ranson pl; London Ontario; N6G LV6; CANADA / Szukaj więcej o Soul Less Divine

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