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  • Furze – Caw Entrance

    Wydawca: Devoted Art Propaganda
    Data premiery: 2024-04-05
    “Caw Entrance” is the eighth full-length album from Norwegian black psych metal band Furze. Under license to Devoted Art Propaganda, “Caw Entrance” will be available in all formats (CD, LP, tape, digital).

    With “Caw Entrance”, the “Furze penetration” is again at full display and shows a hostile development of songwriting. The album goes even further into the psyche to find creative portals of new kick-ass and old-school black metal! With true fire, Woe J. Reaper demonstrates to the world his shrieking lines of blasphemous poetry, and sometimes you don't know if the way out of the grip is “strength” or “death”.

    The way “blasphemy” enters here - it goes so much further than just attacking or mocking religions. In the Furze universe, you’ll be forced to think thrice and hopefully experience the songs with a touch of different power each time you approach them. The rules disappear, questions about mankind enter and your mind penetrates new territory! All Furze albums share this universal spirit of opposites.

    Woe J. Reaper explains: “You don't like the production? Oh, luck gently off! Coherently we advise all listeners to grab a nice pair of headphones and listen to this album that way. No background listening sessions will work and not even your stereo for that sake. It's strange but true: special details were impossible to secure into both ways of listening. Don't worry: Lots of work was laid down with mastering too, and what’s closer to a simple level adjustment from the mix worked like a superhorse so the result is clear: Headphone listening sessions are the only way to enter one’s Caw Entrance.”

    “Post Mortem Trippin’ is the most obvious example where the guitars are playing different things, totally mono in each left/right side. The balance is only possible to reach if going for headphones! As Cezary from Devoted Art Propaganda himself experienced, this album needs time and then it prevails.”

    “Speaking about avails…The old track “Avail the Autocrat of Evil” has been re-recorded for this album and the result is heavier than the original, improved vocals, etc. Furze’s CAW ENTRANCE is again breaking new ground in terms of feeling, songwriting and of course…BLACK PSYCH METAL! Which doesn't mean “stoner-drug black metal”. Did anyone out there actually think that was all there is to it? Are you so brainless???!!??”

    “Caw Entrance” tracklist:
    1. Intro
    2. Foresee His Infernal Rites
    3. Post Mortem Trippin’
    4. W.I.R.E.
    5. You Shall Prevail
    6. Avail the Autocrat of Evil

    “Caw Entrance” personnel:
    Woe J Reaper: Drums
    Woe J Reaper: Guitars
    Woe J Reaper: Bass
    Woe J Reaper: Vocals
    Woe J Reaper: fx, synths

    Front cover: redrawed from Woe J Reaper’s tattoo anno 2008.
    Produced and engineered by: Woe J Reaper
    Analogue recordings: Reel MaZeckra Studios
    Analogue mix: Blitz Lydstudio, Oslo, Norway (WJR + Bjørn Larsen) March 2023
    Digitally mastered: Kvalsonic, Tom Kvålsvoll April/May 2023

    Furze online:

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