• Recon By Fire - "Into the Fire" 2015 / DEMO CD

    Recon By Fire - Into the Fire If you thought Poland only delivered death – and black metal, think again. The country that gave us Vader, Yattering, Behemoth, Decapitated and Lost Soul has a history of thrash metal too. The most popular example probably being the Magnus, one of the earliest practitioners of the genre. Recon By Fire, made up of four (now five) ladies from the Warsaw region, formed in 2014 and recently released this digital demo. 2 tracks, or about 9 minutes of pumping thrash metal. The girls clearly have an idea where they want to go with their music. 'Traitors' and 'Sudden Death' both have fiery soloing from Alexandra Musielewicz and Anna Lewandowska's bass guitar lies prominently in the mix. The drumming by Lena Dubravska is somewhat basic, but it gets the point across. Frontwoman Mila Sobol is at her strongest in the harsher styles, while her clean vocals are very commendable. "Into the Fire"' was recorded at Hertz Studio, meaning that it sounds completely amazing. This demo actually sounds better than Nervosa's big label debut "Victim Of Yourself" (the comparisons are pretty much inevitable), and these Polish girls play a lot more diverse in terms of riffing and chord schematics. Imagine when Recon By Fire truly fires up all cylinders and plays heavier, faster and generally more darker than they do now. A competitor for Nervosa has arisen, its name is Recon By Fire – and, by all means, they have the potential to beat their South American peers. ________6 search for Recon By Fire
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