• Decayed - "Into the Depths Of Hell" 2015 / CD

    Decayed - Into the Depths Of Hell Lusitian death/black metal combo Decayed has been at it longer than most (since 1990, to be exact) – and it is a crying shame that populist swill like Moonspell continues to persist. This is the tenth (!) album that mainstay José Afonso releases under the Decayed moniker, and as expected it combines the best of primitive death –, black – and thrash metal. In many ways Decayed is the Mediterranean equivalent of long-suffering Pennsylvania death metal combo Sathanas. In fact it is a bit surprising that they have yet to hear Paul Tucker and Afonso trade rasps within either band's context. "Into the Depths Of Hell" sounds like what Sepultura had sounded like if they had perfected the "Bestial Devastation" sound, or what "Deathcrush" era Mayhem could have sounded like if they infused it with a bit of "Scream Bloody Gore" Death. 'Winged Beasts' and 'Of Anath and Mot' are as Scandinavian (read: as razors and hooks through your flesh) as Decayed has ever sounded, and the ripping thrash solos just makes it all sounding wickedly evil. It's crude, it's ugly and it cares more about getting the right feeling than playing the right notes or measures. Perhaps this a band that was meant to remain forever underground, forever black – and perhaps for the better too. Decayed has no commercial considerations, they only care to bash your skull in and leave you a bloody heap.
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