• Bulletbelt - "Down In the Cold Of the Grave" 2012

    Bulletbelt - Down In the Cold Of the Grave Every now and then as a reviewer you come across bands you just want to kick in the teeth. Not because their music isn’t good enough, or because they don’t master their instruments. No. Sometimes I just want to whack bands across the head and scream to them: “be more metal, goddammit”. Not that anybody ever listens to what I say or write. Bulletbelt is a side-project, or rather parallel band of Wellington, New Zealand based heavy metal outfit Red Dawn. I’ve never heard of either band before this release, so I’m not going to make comparisons between the two. Before being in any of those two bands, drummer Stephen Francis was in Karnage, whose guitarist Sam Totman would later make a name for himself in the rather overrated, vacuous power metal band DragonForce. Now before all you sexually confused and closeted homosexuals start sending me hatemails, I have no bones to pick with DragonForce, cos I don’t care about them. They are stupid, which is probably what attracted you to them in the first place. In a lot of ways this is stylistically similar to Virginia black/thrashers The Day Of the Beast, who have this particular niche cornered. The biggest difference is that The Day Of the Beast does this thing just plainly better, and has more interesting lyrical subjects to boot. New Zealand has better things to offer than this band. Unless Bulletbelt transforms itself into a more violent, aggressive and more ambitious unit by its next release, they will no doubt be overshadowed by regional acts that are just plainly better and hungry than they are. Now, I’m not going to wait for that to happen. I have better stuff to do. Hey! Look there, another record. I shall listen to what is in it and tell you whether it was better than this fluffy and inconsequential record. Then again, I just could watch “Bad Taste” as well... Wouter ________5 search for Bulletbelt


Czy damy radę wpasować się w panujące dzisiaj trendy tego nie wiem. Mam nadzieję, że tak i płyta zdoła troszkę namieszać i odbije się to echem w środowisku. Mam też nadzieję, że będziemy w stanie pokazać, że scena ma się dobrze i zachęcić innych do tego że warto coś robić mimo tego, że się mieszka daleko od siebie.

Nuclear Holocaust

Jest old school, bo nie zagraliśmy ani jednego oryginalnego dźwięku, kawałki są krótkie, jest w nich mnóstwo thrashu i punka, szczypta death metalu – to dla wielu będzie właśnie przepisem na grindcore, zmieniają się tylko proporcje. Nie boli nas ta łata, nie chce nam się też szukać innej.


Może dzięki uwielbieniu Dissection jest na Heading Below więcej melodii? Może za sprawą Testimony of Ancients znalazły się klawiszowe podkłady? Być może dlatego, że kochamy Autopsy jest więcej tłustych zwolnień? Jakoś tak to wszystko naturalnie przyszło.