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Death Tyrant

Wouter Roemers
I had some material done already before the demise of Lord Belial. Some of the material was actually intended for the next Lord Belial album, but since we disbanded I changed around all of the ideas into new songs.

Defeated Sanity

Wouter Roemers
I don’t really consider it that much superior. But we KEPT the quality from 1st to 4th album, and that is something that is not easy to do! And I think there will come a 5th album that will kick just as much ass.
  • Arboriorth - "Anchorite" EP (Spain)

    BlackSeed Productions
    In this glamorous review gig we sometimes encounter records that don’t invoke a particular reaction. When there’s a reaction you can built off that, and go with whatever comes next. It becomes even more difficult when you have no particular memory of a band, and you are tasked with reviewing their latest offering, which sounds nothing like your previous review hinted at. That is to say, in Aboriorth’s case the sound I associated with them is buried deep beneath the apparent newfound Xasthur, Forgotten Tomb and Nortt worship. I’m not sure what the catalyst of this change in direction was, and honestly I have no interest in finding out. So don’t bother sending me explanations. What I can say is that this band (well, this guy) has made significant strides forward in terms of arrangements and composition. The execution is still decidedly Swedish in terms of melody and riff placement, but now that speed is no longer the key focus the dynamic scope of this music has improved. No, scratch that. At least there are dynamics now and some of the repetitive riffing has a hypnotizing charm. Supposedly this EP is a precursor to another full length written entirely in this style. You have to hand it to him, to write such bleak and depressive music all the way in sunny Spain. You’d imagine with all the beautiful nature and girls in tiny bikinis during the holiday season that black metal would be non-existing here. But nothing is farther from the truth. Spain (like Portugal) has a strong and vivid underground scene, in both death - and black metal. This is pretty good stuff actually. Hopefully by the next album he’ll master this style even better than here.http://www.blackseedprod.comcomment itWouter 6

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