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Death Tyrant

Wouter Roemers
I had some material done already before the demise of Lord Belial. Some of the material was actually intended for the next Lord Belial album, but since we disbanded I changed around all of the ideas into new songs.

Defeated Sanity

Wouter Roemers
I don’t really consider it that much superior. But we KEPT the quality from 1st to 4th album, and that is something that is not easy to do! And I think there will come a 5th album that will kick just as much ass.
  • Impious Baptism - "Wrath Of the Apex Predator" (Australia)

    Hells Headbangers Records
    This old song and dance again? Once a particular sound or band gets popular - labels fall over themselves to sign each and every band that represents that particular sound or hails from that particular region. It’s quite an embarrassing spectacle. It’s an age-old practice and one that continues to work against all odds. After releasing albums by Denouncement Pyre, Deiphago and Satanic Bloodspraying, plus reissuing long lost bits by Bestial Warlust, Deströyer 666 and Blackened Wisdom Hells Headbangers now unleashes the work of Jarro ‘Deceiver’ Raphael (ex-Deströyer 666), the latest son of vengeance who pledges to the bestial war-metal sound. Just to preface that Impious Baptism is the latest product in a long line of bands which seek to combine the sounds of Blasphemy, Sodom and Possessed in a whirlwind of razorwire riffing and blasting drums. So, with all this complaining out of the way, is this actually any good? Yes, this is quite good actually. Not (pre-"Of Lucifer and Lightning") Angelcorpse good, but close enough. So, you get a good dose of ancient German thrash, some early death metal a la Possessed and more then enough of that I-don’t-care attitude that Australia has an abundance of. I don’t really know how much I need to tell you. This sounds exactly like all those other records and bands I already mentioned. There’s no two ways about it. The fact is that Impious Baptism is just good at what they do, and that’s it. No bells, no whistles - just super aggressive death/black/thrash metal or war-metal. It slays, that is the most important.http://www.hellsheadbangers.comcomment itWouter 7

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