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close x Least Worst Option is the new and independently operated media review project of long-time Masterful Magazine scribe Wouter Roemers. He will remain with us, while doing his own project. The goal is to cover metal records, both old and new, in greater length and detail on comparison to the more compact reviews people have come to expect here. Least Worst Option will cover mostly metal records, but will occasionally venture into pop territory to keep things interesting, coverage of old and new video games is something to be found there as well. Check out all of this and more at www.leastworstoption.com .

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an interview

Death Tyrant

Wouter Roemers
I had some material done already before the demise of Lord Belial. Some of the material was actually intended for the next Lord Belial album, but since we disbanded I changed around all of the ideas into new songs.

Defeated Sanity

Wouter Roemers
I don’t really consider it that much superior. But we KEPT the quality from 1st to 4th album, and that is something that is not easy to do! And I think there will come a 5th album that will kick just as much ass.
  • Belenos - "Errances Oniriques" (France)

    Northern Silence Productions
    Pagan black metal project from Brittany, France consisting of lone member Loic Cellier. Belenos was a deity worshipped in Gaul, Britain and Celtic areas of Austria and Spain. He is the Celtic god of the sun and warm sources that heals sickness. This is the band's second record for Northern Silence Productions after 2007's "Chemins de Souffrance". Originally released in 2001 on (the now defunct) Sacral Productions in a black digipack limited to 800 copies and a black digipack with hand-made pewter cover limited to 200 handnumbered copies. Northern Silence Productions is now re-releasing a completely re-recorded and improved version of the long sold out and out-of-print debut album, including two exclusive and previously unreleased bonus tracks ('Seigneur de l'Obscurité' and 'Serment de Vengeance'). The technological advances in home recording made in the intervening years since the record's original release greatly benefit this re-imagined version. The whole production is much cleaner, enhancing the heroic melodies, swirling riffs and epic sounding choirs, with a much crisper guitar tone, heavy bass lines and smoother sounding drums. Sounding as a mix between "The Somberlain" era Dissection and "The Shadowthrone" era Satyricon "Errances Oniriques" is probably one of the best French black metal albums bar none. Northern Silence Productions have done a great thing in re-releasing this record in a re-recorded and re-imagined form, thus doubling its lifespan and introducing Belenos to a whole new legion of fans.http://www.northern-silence.decomment itWouter 7

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