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"Vessel" 1cd (2013)
Chicago used to have a small but decent death metal scene back in the day, before the hipster and black metal crowds took over. Cokegoat are five bearded stoners and some girl you never heard of trying their fucken hand at stoner/doom metal, cos the world needed one more band like that. For fucken reals. Thankfully Cokegoat is lots better than all that stupid occult rock we’re getting so fucken ...

Deadly Carnage

"Manthe" 3cd (2014)
My Dying Bride was actually relevant and good once. Long ago. You know, in the early 90s. “As the Flower Withers” and “Turn Loose the Swans” and shit. I know that’s hard to believe these days. Probably right now Hammy is putting together yet another compilation of My Dying Bride stuff that nobody in right mind wanted. Holy crap, these Italians must have thought the same. Apparently these...

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Death Tyrant

Wouter Roemers
I had some material done already before the demise of Lord Belial. Some of the material was actually intended for the next Lord Belial album, but since we disbanded I changed around all of the ideas into new songs.


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  • Uncanny Set To Record New Material


    Swedish death metal veterans Uncanny have just entered the studio to record two new songs scheduled to be released on an upcoming 7"ep through Dark Descent Records. These two tracks are the first new material from Uncanny since "Splenium for Nyktophobia" album. Actual lineup is the same that appeared for a one-off appearance for the release of the Swedish Death Metal book:
    Jens Törnroos - Vocals
    Fredrik Norrman - Guitars
    Kennet Englund - Drums
    Johan Jansson - Guitars
    Mattias Norrman - Bass

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