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Beatdown Hardwear

"Label sampler vol. 1" compil. CD
Oh, hey – label samplers are still a thing? Who knew… Anyway, there used to be a time when these things were useful. Probably around the same time when printed magazines still mattered, and metal fans were something fucken resembling semi-literate, or, like, whatever. These days samplers are done digitally cos metal fans are fucken lazy, and don’t want to click more than two times to hear wh...


"Wingless" ep
Nothing will stop Armi Päivinen, headmistress of In Silentio Noctis and the sexiest Finn of them all, from complete and utter fucken world domination. Ravenia is her latest symfo metal project, and you’d be hardpressed to tell it apart from her main band. Not that I’m complaining. Anything with Armi is usually fucken great. Clothing optional. Nothing is better than Armi singing her cute littl...

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Death Tyrant

Wouter Roemers
I had some material done already before the demise of Lord Belial. Some of the material was actually intended for the next Lord Belial album, but since we disbanded I changed around all of the ideas into new songs.


news bloody news
  • Uncanny Set To Record New Material


    Swedish death metal veterans Uncanny have just entered the studio to record two new songs scheduled to be released on an upcoming 7"ep through Dark Descent Records. These two tracks are the first new material from Uncanny since "Splenium for Nyktophobia" album. Actual lineup is the same that appeared for a one-off appearance for the release of the Swedish Death Metal book:
    Jens Törnroos - Vocals
    Fredrik Norrman - Guitars
    Kennet Englund - Drums
    Johan Jansson - Guitars
    Mattias Norrman - Bass

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