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"Ravenous Bloodlust" ep (2014)
Nothing can stop Mia Larsson. Even though she has been bringing the pain since 1994, it is fucken unbelieveable that no label has picked up this band yet. “Ravenous Bloodlust” is a furious exercise in hellish black/thrash metal with keen heavy metal sensibilities. You’d imagine that with the popularity of populist shit like Skeletonwitch that actual honest-to-Odin good bands like Dracena wou...


"Metaphysincarnation" 2cd (2014)
Supposedly Electrocution is one of those “legendary” early Italian death metal bands that nobody ever heard of. They apparently formed in 1990 and released their debut “Inside the Unreal” in 1993, which all of three people heard. I never heard of Electrocution prior to getting this fucken promo, and for a band that has been inactive for the better part of 17 years – this stuff actually s...

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Death Tyrant

Wouter Roemers
I had some material done already before the demise of Lord Belial. Some of the material was actually intended for the next Lord Belial album, but since we disbanded I changed around all of the ideas into new songs.


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  • Mussorgski announce their new album for autumn


    This autumn, Mussorgski will be putting finishing touches on their third studio album, enigmatically entitled 'Creatio Cosmicam Bestiae'. The whole record is to comprise seven brand new songs and an older track remixed. In total, there is to be about 45 minutes of music which the project leader, Khorzon, defines as follows:
    'The new album has been assumed to be a stylistic continuation of 'Chaos And Paranormal Divinity'; still, once demo versions of a few new tracks had been recorded it turned out the stuff was going to be much more experimental and diversified. I have always found it hard to define music on our releases but this time I may take the risk of claiming that it is going to be a conglomerate of dark metal, black metal, industrial and something I refer to as cosmic ambient. I guess it is going to sound mystical.
    Cover art by Mentalporn.com
    Before the release, the band has made available a video featuring demo version of a track called 'God Is In The Neurons': www


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  • New album from Thy Worshiper coming in February


    Exceptional and unique Polish (now hailing from Ireland) pagan metal act Thy Worshiper’s third studio album "Czarna Dzika Czerwien" (eng. Black Savage Red), is set to be released on February 18th via Pagan Records.
    Featuring 9 new songs and reaching nearly 47 minutes of total length, "Czarna Dzika Czerwien" is a multi-layered hybrid of pagan metal, tribal folk, celtic music, black metal, but always different from the standard templates. There is a very ritualistic feeling to these songs, added to considerably by tribal drums, female vocals, driving percussion, unorthodox instruments, etc. Unique and utterly absorbing statement from a band bounded by no rules. The album was produced at Westland Studios in Dublin, Ireland.

    1. Piach
    2. Czarny
    3. Deszcz
    4. Drzewa
    5. Żniwa
    6. Wiatr
    7. Na Pohybel
    8. Ogień
    9. Zima

    "Czarna Dzika Czerwień" will be available on February, 18th on Digipack CD as well as standard jewel case CD (both with with astounding design by Anna Malarz) and digital formats. Other versions including tape and vinyl will follow later.

    Click the following link to to watch an official video trailer featuring album artwork directed and produceb by visionary artist Artur Graczyk. www


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    source Pagan Records
  • Hate to hit Europe with Kampfar in spring 2014


    Polish extreme metal leviathans HATE have announced their taking part in the Spreading the Plague MMXIV Tour that will hit Europe in March/April 2014! The band will team up with Norway's pagan black metal horde Kampfar to bring supreme blasphemy to 16 cites of Euroland! On the tour that will start on 28th of March in Munich/Germany, you will also see US avantgarde black metallers Velnias and Norwegian melodic black metal act Iskald as part of this prime tour package.

    HATE's frontman Atf Sinner comments: „We are very much looking forward to touring Europe again and I think the combined line-up for these shows is simply killer! As we are working on new tracks right now, you may expect some brand-nu-blaspehemy played on the upcoming shows for the first time! We've been waiting for a regular tour since the tragedy happened and I believe the time has come to hit the road again at full force. We will come back rejuvenated and hungrier than ever before, so be prepared for truly riotous shows!”

    28.03.14 – Munchen (GER) Backstage Halle
    29.03.14 – Leipzig (GER) Hellraiser
    30.03.14 – Berlin (GER) Comet
    31.03.14 – Hamburg (GER) Markthalle
    01.04 14 – Osnabruck (GER) Bastard Club
    02.04.14 – Essen (GER) Turock
    03.04.14 – London (UK) Underworld
    04.04.14 – Rotterdam (NL) Baroeg
    05.04.14 – Alsfeld (GER) K.O.B.M.
    06.04.14 – Zurich (CH) Werk 21
    08.04.14 – Paris (F) Nouveau Casino
    09.04.14 – Dijon (F) Vapeur
    10.04.14 – Stuttgart (GER) Club Zentral
    11.04.14 – Graz (AUT) Explosiv
    12.04.14 – Prague (CZ) Modra Vopice
    13.04.14 – Geiselwind (GER) Music Hall

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    source facebook.com/HATEOFFICIAL
  • Blaze Of Perdition - official statement


    "Firstly, on behalf of myself and the rest of Blaze of Perdition, I would like to thank you all for your great help. We have received massive support not only from longtime friends and colleagues but also from (often) anonymous people from all over the world, from inside and outside underground metal scene, all kinds of maniacs over there. It has been of very importance to us and would help us a lot in our returning to normal life.

    Then we would like to share some official news.
    So, despite having already been written off by many people, Blaze of Perditions are still alive. WE WILL NOT STOP. Indeed we need to slow down a bit, appropriate time for recovery is required, but most important is that the decision has been taken to carry on and to start working on the 3rd album as soon as possible.
    As far as live performances are concerned, our activity here has been put on hold. Basically, it depends all on the state of health of the ones who suffered most, but booking agents' and promoteurs' readiness to work with us again must also be taken into consideration. However Blaze of Perdition won't be returning to live concerts soon.

    A couple of words about Sonneillon's and Vizun's health condition:

    S. state of health has been improving significantly. He remains at hospital in Lublin, interacting with people with no serious constrains. Despite heavy physical and mental damages he displays enormous strenght and willingness to get well. Nevertheless, long-term rehabilitation is needed for full recovery.

    Vizun is staying at his home, being able to move and walk on his own, however his injury is also heavy (indeed not as serious as Sonnellon's). There might be a need for surgery. We all hope for his return to normal life (as well as his drumming duties) in a couple of months time.

    From now on we are disappearing from the scene, but we would be back in due time. The only pieces of news to appear in the near future will be related to overdue releases."


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    source facebook.com/blazeofperdition
  • Nocturnal Breed unveil new song and album details


    Epic Norwegian thrash metallers NOCTURNAL BREED will release a new album entitled "Napalm Nights" on March 11th in Europe and March 18th in North America via Agonia Records. "The Devil Swept The Ruins" is the title of the first song to be revealed off the release and it is available here: www

    Featuring a guest appearance of Darkthrone's Nocturno Culto on vocals, and former guitarist A.E. Rattlehead on guitars, "Napalm Nights" includes 10 brand new tracks recorded in Killer Studio (Norway) in 2012 & 2013. Recently re-united with the original guitarist I.Maztor, the band - including present and past members of Satyricon, Aeternus and Gehenna - is coming back with their fifth full-length release after 7 years of silence. The newest album is a punch of epic old school thrash metal with a blackened rock and roll undercurrent.

    Track list:
    1 - The Devil Swept The Ruins
    2 - Speedkrieg
    3 - Cursed Beyond Recognition
    4 - The Bitch of Buchenwald
    5 - Napalm Nights
    6 - Thrashiac
    7 - Dawn Campaign... Flamethrower Ridge
    8 - Under The whip
    9 - Dragging The Priests
    10 - Krigshisser

    S. A. Destroyer - bass, vocals
    Axeman I. Maztor - guitars
    Tex Terror - drums, vocals
    V. Fineideath - guitars
    Nocturno Culto - guest vocals

    E.A. Rattlehead - guest guitars

    "Napalm Nights" will be available in digipack CD, limited double black vinyl in gatefold sleeves (with insert with lyrics and A2 poster), limited double military green vinyl (with insert with lyrics, A2 poster and laser-cut full color patch) and digitally. Pre-orders are available now via: www


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    source Agonia Records
  • Brutal Assault confirms Six Feet Under, Ignite, Havok


    American death metallers SIX FEET UNDER headed by vocalist Chris Barnes have been confirmed for Brutal Assault 2014. Another confirmed is Californian melodic hardcore band IGNITE and American thrashers HAVOK. More bands coming soon.

    If you are planning BA2014 ticket as a gift for the upcoming X-mass, place your orders no later than Dec 22. Also if you have enough friends you can get a hellish bundle of 10 tickets + a t-shirt of your choice at the festival at the unholy price of 666 EUR.


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    source Schizmo / Shindy Prods.
  • Parat Magazine no.55 available now


    New issue of Parat magazine is coming out 20.12. Parat magazine was founded in 2000 as a fanzine and goes well until this time, from year 2010 professional printed magazine format A4.

    The magazine is published every two months. There is a large pilot story about PESTILENCE in the the actual issue, next there are interviews and materials with NECROPHOBIC, HECATE ENTHRONED, PYREXIA, DEPRECATED, HAIL OF BULLETS, ELDKRAFT, DEICIDE, CENTURIAN, LIBIDO AIRBAG, PROTECTOR, LORD VAMPYR, Duncan Patterson, and many more.



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    source Petr Riha / Parat
  • Amon Liar in Wait Vinyl Edition Coming Next Month on FDA Rekotz


    German FDA Rekotz has announced the vinyl publication of Liar in Wait, the 2012 full-length from Floridian death metal Amon.
    The European edition is limited to 200 gold/black marbled copies and 400 Satanic black copies. Package deals that include the new Amon t-shirt are being offered as well. FDA Rekotz will unleash this beast on January 31.
    Pre-orders are now available at www.fda-rekotz.com

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  • Dawn - entire catalogue to be released via Century Media Records in 2014


    Century Media Records announce the license of the entire discography by Swedish act Dawn.

    In the first half of 2014 everything the band has ever recorded will be made available again, carefully remastered by Dan Swanö and accompanied by reworked artworks and more - done in full cooperation with the band.
    The planned Dawn releases are:

    Demos 1991 - 1993 (title tba) CD/LP
    Nær Sólen Gar Niþer For Evogher (originally released in 1994) CD/LP
    Sorgh På Svarte Vingar Fløgh (originally released in 1996) MCD/MLP
    Slaughtersun - Crown Of The Triarchy (originally released in 1998) CD/2LP


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  • Sirrah - The chaos is calling us!


    Before the end of the year reunited Sirrah is going to present on CD new release called "Reverse".
    You will hear 4 premiere songs and the release will also include bonus tracks taken from the single "Thrill You".
    In the beginnig of October band will start recording session of drums in Elektra Studio (Warsaw).
    Adam Toczko will mix and produce with the band forthcoming mini-album.
    Maciej Pasiński (co-founder of Sirrah) will appear as a guest in the title song.
    "Reverse" featuring also musicians known from the group Oranage The Juice:
    Marcin A. Steczkowski (piano, trumpet), Mariusza Godzina (saxophone).


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    source Sirrah

Masterful Magazine - http://masterful-magazine.com