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Death in another way
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Hello Tony!
First of all it is great honour and pleasure for me to have that very exclusive interview with You!
Thank you for asking to do this.
• How do You feel right now?
• Tired hahahahaha but amazing...thank you.
• Please tell us about Your very fresh concerts in China and not only in Asia. What were reactions for them there? Did You have there there great time also with Mantas and Abaddon?
• The tour was stunning..Beijing, Taipei, Osaka and Tokyo..Great food, fantastic shows and amazing fans...was a total joy and a greta success...the band played like it was in 1981 all over again...superb…
• This year in January You were on tour with Your band E-pire of Evil with Obituary in Europe. You wre also playing one concert during it in Krakow in Poland. How was the tour, what concerts were the best and how do You mark Your concert in Krakow? Who was the organizer of that tour? Did You have there great time with guys from Obituary and not only?
• That is right. The tour was done by Vain productions and was perfect. Obituary, Dusbolt, Postum and Rotten Repugnancy were all fucking killer bands and people and we have the best time...all shows were just crushing events...Krakow was crazy...Poland is always a favourite to play...great warm reception and some of the best is always a pleaure and honour to be well as the ladies, the food, and the's one of the best places you could hope to be…
• This year as thunder from the black sky everebody involved into Underground Scene heared great and amazing news, that VENOM INC. was founded with You on vocals and bass guitar, Mantas on guitars and with Abaddon on drums, so in the line-up of VENOM, when You were there vocalist and bassist for some years there, when Cronos left the band in 1987. What were the reasons of doing it in practice? Please explain us all things connected with this case.
• OK..well I was playing as show as a guest in the north of England, where I had been asked to perform as ATOMKRAFT the firt album 'Future Warriors' in full for the first time ever..I did this and brought Mantas onstage to play 2 songs as my guest. Abaddon was in the audience and the promoter of the German fest Keep It True was also there in the audience...he contacted me after the festival in England and invited myself and Mantas to appear at Keep It true as M:PIRE of EVIL which I agreed to do, then he asked would it be possible to invite Abaddon to join us onstage for a song or two? I said it could be...but I would need to make it I begans to investigate the possibilities...and we found a way....we needed a name of course so decide Iron and Steel would be it...but as we all have our projects and to make it come together so people recognized who we were we chose Venom. Incorporated and out over title...we played the festival by doing half the show as M:PIRE then switching out Francesco La Rosa (our drummer) with Abaddon and closed the set as Venom.Inc..the fans went nuts and the response was so great that we decided we should do some full shows and that was it kind of happened from there…
• What do You think about Cronos genere, what is Your favourite album of Venom and of all bands You had and also the best album of Venom with You? What do You think about last albums of Venom from „Cast in Stone”, espacially without Mantas in line-up? What were and are Your relations with Cronos?
• I love Welcome to Hell and Black Metal...many favourite songs from that early period on singles and the next 2 albums..I thought Cast in Stone was ok...I loved Prime Evil the best from my era but I had some other fav songs just production let the other albums down..I am The Demolitio Man so I don't listen to bullshit or lies about me. That shows weakness...I do not do weakness..
• Cronos was claiming sth very very controvensial after issuing album „Ressurection”, that Adaddon left VENOM due to founding shitty band, playing as he said „fucking mili vanili”. What do You think about it?
• Wasn't true. Just the usual bollox..all you can do is laugh at the carnival.
• Please tell us so far concerts of VENOM INC., Your appearing on summer festivals this year, tour in Europe in autumn with Vader and two supports, concerts planned also for the next year. Tell us additionaly about Your concerts planned for the next year. Who is author of Your webside, Facebook profile and posters?
• John Parry does our website and we have a street team doing our social media, but I myself go on all the does Abaddon and Mantas too goes on to speak with fans..The profile I do with different artworks normally Mantas work and I do the poster normally. We have festivals slots yes with both MPIRE and Venom. Inc..France, Italy, Canada and the UK...from September to December we tour Europe, North and South America with Venom.Inc...and then early 2016 back to complete that...Osaka Japan and the THRASH Fest, Singapore, Bangkok, Malaysia and onot to Australia...
• Who invented to prepare tour of VENOM INC. with Vader? By the way You will play even four concerts in Poland in autumn!!! What do You expect from them?
• 4 yes...I cannot wait...VADER are the gods there so we will have incredible shows I know it...Polish fans are ultimate....It was our agent who suggested the tour and I was very excited to have VADER come on board...also Witches from France and Divine will be one hell of a tour...
• VENOM was playing only one time a few years ago in Poland in Krakow in Rotunda Club only for 300 people there. Day before was planned concert in Warsaw, that was cancelled, due to possiblity of covering club by water from Vistula river, that was impossible in practice at all never and forever. Did You know about it?
• No I did not know, but it would have been of no interest to me whatsoever so..
• You were playing so far 2 times in Poland with E-pire of Evil with Onslaught two years ago in Progresja Club in Warsaw and than on 19th of January this year in Krakow with Obituary. Were You fully satisfied with those concerts? What do You think about Polish Underground Scene, Your Polish Fans (being girls also) genere? Did You have great time in Poland?
• I always had a great time in Poland...we played more than one show in Poland...but I also remember the best time 1988 Katowice the Spodek with ATOMKRAFT, Nasty Savage and Exumer...what an event...The fans are always so great and for the girls???? What can I possibly say?? Beautiful...Polish girls have something extra special....and the female fans...well....makes me melt in a great great way....:-)
• Where did You have the greatest time playing concerts worldwide with all different bands You were playing there and being there vocalist, practically from the same beginning of 80ties till now?
• Too many places and show to remember and say...Poland 88 in Katowice, 1987 Dynamo Holland, with Destruction and Testament,Hammersmith Odeon 1987 with Nuclear Assault...Japan...every time...USA and one of my all time favouruites...BRAZIL..
• Where do You want to play concerts the most, where You were not playing so far?
• Australia and New Zealand and more fo China, India and most of all Africa...end of this year we will hit Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina etc...
• Are You going to records new and the first album of VENOM INC.? If yes tell us more about it.
• Yes once we have finished the new M:PIRE of EVIL album we start work recording on the Venom.Inc album...we already are wrtiing towards it...I wrote the track Metal Hammer for it already...
• Please compare setlist of E-Pire of Evil with actuall setlist of VENOM INC. Please tellu us what is that second one exactly. Is there and Chance to add to it one of my most favourite tracks of VENOM, that i salso a joke and is very funny Tetcher’s Pet? I do know that it is a story invented by Cronos from autopsy in his „sick” mind.
• Teachers Pet was witten by is HIS song from HIS sick mind actually hahahaha....he also wrote Skool Daze and Playtime...all part of the same anthology..the Venom.Inc setlist features NO MPIRE of EVIL songs..hahaha..M:PIRE played some Venom songs because fans asked for them...simple...but the main body of the set was made form M:PIRE material...Venom.Inc plays everything from the whole career....starting from the first single all the way to the the set will be different all the time as there is so many songs to chose will be classic and take you back to a better time...all you need to do is you mind and bag your head....forget polotics or bullshit and focus on the music...have fun!!!
• What were Your best promotors so far and who was the worst and why?
• All have their good points, worst? Many are bad but it is because they want to do so bad the music so you cannot blame them for trying...they are fans....they just need to learn business...but then we all have to start somewhere...don’t we?
• Please name all labels You wre cooperating with and issuing Your albums from the beggining of 80ties in Your different bands?
• Neat Records - ATOMKRAFT, Music For Nations - VENOM , W.A.R records - ATOMKRAFT, Scarlet Records, Mausoleum, Dead Line Records (Cleopatra), Spiritual Beast - M:PIRE of EVIL.
• How do You mark from perspective of time all Your bands and music on all Your materials? I do think that it was some kind of music evolution and also life’s experience connected with it for You. You do have to be very proud of them in my opinion.
• I am very pround of all my music and all my associate players...all with great talent. Some poeple like my music and some not but that is the beauty of our like black and one likes likes cold and one likes hot..My music and my career was pushed into existance by seeing punk bands and ghaving a shit childhood....I saw it was possible to have a voice and scream liberate myself...every step a progression to the I enjoy playing and performing and recording...from just a bot I became a musician...and i love doing what I do...I can still make social commentary...and i do...but...the angst of youth is now anger of intolerance....
• I have Friend of mine, who is Pole from Warsaw living over 10 years in Sweden. He likes very much all albums of VENOM with You and it was very hard for him to find and purchase them on vinyls some years ago. Is there any Chance for their re-issues?
• We think that it is great to hear it, thanx..We have been trying for years to get reissues but Universal have the master tapes and just refuse to we will contunue to fight but...withiout owning the tapes we have no direct control...
• Have You ever seen Polish editions of VENOM’s albums on cassettes issued only in Poland and also Polish version of „Possessed” album on vinyl? Did You know about them? Prepared on licence, but not only (pirate onces on mc’s)?
• Yes I saw lots of those..they were all licensed back in the day when things were not so, polotics etc...however these days you cannot tell what are bootlegs and what are not as they bootelggers have taken over after the industry is failing...many fans get ripped and that is please support the labels....and the bands...they need you to buy the legit stuff only...if you are not sure...go on a forum and ask someone.,.
• What are the best bands for You, eternal insirations and with what bands You would like to play tours in the future?
• Motorhead of course..Lemmy was and is Rock and an inspiration...I like many bands...but none inspire me as much now...perhaps Rammstein...I think they make me want to play live when I see them...Many great bassplayers...too many to pick...but Billy Sheenan, John Gallagher, Geddy Lea....on and on...all make me want to perform on the bass...I'd like us to play with everyone...Motorhead,Judas Priest, Sabbath, Metallica...and on and on...I think there are some amazing bands out there and some old friends...I'd like to do shows with them all
• Please tell us sth about Your interests, life’s philosophy, ideas for different, espacially bad things now happening in the world.
• My interests are simple...History, culture from out side my own, wine, cooking...dishes from the world kitchen...languages interest me...I have some but not great but I love language...The bad things in the world..? What? lol The racism in the US? That is not exclusive to just America...Isis and the terrorist issue?? Define, I mean truly define terrorist.....difficult...religion? Well that has to be bad as a seems to result always in a closed mind but also in death mainly it seems...surely no prophet or 'sopn of a god' would welcome such things? My philosophy? Trust yourself, listen to your heart, shoot for the stars and never accept failure as an only ends one has many paths...try may surprise yourself with what you find...
• What are Your life’s plans for future?
• Get the new M:PIRE of EVIL album out and the new Venom.Inc album finished and out...more shows everywhere in the world and meet more fans....a DVD of the bands...and a TV show...those are all the plans right now..
• What is the best king of relaxing for You and where do You go usually to rest, also on vacations?
• How do I relax? Training...the gym...weights...and some MMA training...boxing is a good way to condition also...I like movies but always fall guess my favourite passtime...when not on tour is sleep hahaha...
• Last words are Yours.
• Thank you for this interview, the fans for their endless support and my respect and thanx to every single one...I hope to see you all very soon and give you more great we may continue our time together with some...shared joy. Poland is an extrodinary place with resiliant and extrodinary live eternally in my heart.

Thank You very much for interview Tony, good luck, all the best and see You on Your concerts in Poland in October!!!:-)))
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Akredytka wyżebrana?
Death in another way
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Nic tym temacie/stylu niekolego...
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Czesc Death in another way,

Jestem wydawca magazynu siedem(7) gates. Podkreslam, wydawca a nie redaktorem.
Wychodze z propozycja: nylbys sklonny z nami do wspolpracy? Recenzje kroazkow, wywiady(glownie to), jesli znasz sie na fotografii to moga byc tez fotorelacje z koncertow. Zapewniamy presspassy na gigi, glownie te 'mainstreamowe', choc po ugadaniu z mniejszymi zespolami tez czasem udaje sie nam zalatwic wejsciowke. Tylko jest jedno "ale" - wywiady musza byc po Polsku (tj. tlumaczenie - robisz sam albo zlecasz komus pewnemu), Jesli interesuje Cie taka forma wspolpracy to zostaw prosze w tym temacie namiary na siebie (najlepiej nr telefonu komorkowego) wtedy zadzwonie ja do Ciebie albo ktos z redaktorow.

Aha magazyn jest wydawany w formie papierowej.

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Ogórki były?
Coś tam było! Człowiek!
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srogi wywiad!gratulacje!Hail satan! !!:-)))